Sell it to Amazon!

Don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling your merchandise on eBay and getting charged eBay and PayPal fees? Do you have text books that you no longer need? Is it time to finally upgrade your laptop, tablet or cell phone?
Amazon now has a great “trade-in” program. They buy a variety of different items and are straight forward with how much they will pay you. No need to negotiate or shop around. Your item is purchased by a third-party merchant and you receive a gift card that can be used to buy anything on
This is a great way to upgrade your stuff and finally get what you really want or sell something you don’t use anymore to buy something you will!
Set up an Amazon Trade-In account for free and find out how much $ you can get.

Get More Money

Don’t go into the Pawn Shop without knowing how to get the most money for your stuff. Check out our How To Negotiate page and learn how to paid! Also, check out our What’s It Worth page to find the value of your items. Knowing what it is worth can make a big difference when it comes to negotiating. Be prepared and get more $ in your pocket!

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How Much Is My Gold Worth?

Ever wondered how much your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry is worth? Are you thinking of selling pieces you no longer wear? Find out what its worth before you do! Knowing the actual value of your precious metals will help you get the most money in your pocket. View the link below for the full free gold, silver, & platinum guide.

This guide makes it easy to find the value of your precious metals from home. All you need is a scale and a calculator.

Check out What’s it Worth? – Jewelry for the full how to guide.

How much is my gold worth?

How much is my gold worth? – How to Find the Value of Precious Metals – Gold, Silver, & Platinum