Antiques & Collectibles

An excellent place to find the resale value of your collectible item is eBay. By performing a simple search for your specific item you can easily find an average asking price.

The next step is to choose the “Sold Listings” option in the “Show Only” section on the left side of your search results. Choosing this will list only items that have sold and the amounts that they sold for. This makes it very easy to find an average price sold for your item.

You can also choose “Completed Listings” to see all listings that have finished the auction process. This will give you a good idea of the factors that increase of decrease the value and desirability of an item.

Once you have found the resale value of your item, you now have a good idea of how much a reseller will be able to sell the item for. When selling to a Pawn Shop, expect to receive about half of this amount. This can vary due to desirability and the ease of resale of your item.

Find a Pawn Shop in your area that specializes in your specific type of item. There is a better chance that you can receive a more money if the Pawnbroker feels that they can sell your item quickly and easily. Search for Pawn Shops in your area with our easy to use Pawn Shop Finder.

Shop around for the best offer and always negotiate! Check out our How to Negotiate page for great tips and advice on negotiating for the best payouts and prices! Why not put a little more cash in your pocket?

Antiques and collectibles can sometimes be hard to find. If you are unable to find your item on eBay, try performing a search on Google. There are a large amount of websites that are dedicated to selling or finding the value of specific types of collectibles.

Another great place for value guides is your local bookstore or There are a great deal of value guides for sale and most stores will let you view them while in the store. These books can be very expensive, but you can search for free while in the store. Just be sure to bring all of the information you need with you and don’t forget a pen and paper!